Intelligent Turf and Greens, Family Owned

Lance and Tracy Evans are the owners of Intelligent Turf and Greens. Intelligent Turf and Greens is an exclusive partner with Celebrity Greens where we design and install stunning golf greens and artificial lawns for residential and commercial locations throughout Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. Our business came about after Lance was researching artificial turf options for a few of his wealth management clients. He discovered that Celebrity Greens uses artificial turf made in the USA, has a proven installation system for our climate, and has designed golf greens that are approved by PGA golfers. The decision was easy to refer his clients to Celebrity Greens. He reached out to Weston and Gina Weber, owners of Celebrity Greens, and asked who the dealer was in our area. He was informed that there was not a dealer but they appreciated Lance’s interest and desire to get this product locally. One discussion lead to the next and we decided to take this adventure on along with the Brown Family (Ryan & Emily, Doug & Joan). We are excited to bring this opportunity to the Midwest. Working alongside Celebrity Greens has already been an amazing experience. Weston Weber is a true pioneer in the industry dating back to 1996. With Weston and Gina’s training and experience, we are excited to start designing and installing luxury greens come spring of 2020!